Baby Boomers – List of Events That Shaped Their Lives

Baby Boomers - List of Events That Shaped Their Lives

The baby boomers generation is the generation that was born just after World War II. Since then, there were many different events that changed the world, forever. From World War II until now, there have been many different events that shaped their lives, and the lives of the newer generations. Here are some of the interesting time line events that took place since baby boomers were born.


The first events after the World War II, and the date that many baby boomers were born was during 1947. World War II has ended in 1946 and in, 1947 the V-2 rocket was launched into space for the very first time.

This was during the time that Kenneth Arnold has made the first report ever, that he saw some UFO activity in Mount Rainier, Washington.  It was also reported that a downed extraterrestrial spacecraft was found near Roswell, New Mexico.

During the same time, the first instant camera was also invented by Edwin Land, founder of the Polaroid Corporation.

Baby Boomers - List of Events That Shaped Their Lives


In 1952, there happened many different things that most baby boomers will still remember and talk about, today.  A new age of commercial architecture was created when the Lever House skyscraper in New York City has opened for the first time. This was the beginning of skyscrapers and tall commercial buildings, which we can still find today.

It is also during this time that newspapers and reporters saying that a fleet of UFOs was hovering over Washington D.C. And, that this fleet of UFOs was tracked by multiple radars. Fighter planes were prepared and there was a press conference that was held by the Air Force. In 1952, the mechanical heart was also used in a human patient for the first time.


For the baby boomer generation, there were many different events during 1954 that changed the world and shaped our lives, as well as their lives forever.

With the census in 1954, it indicated that more than 239 000 farmers have given up on farming in the US. And, that more and more farmers went to the bigger cities for finding work and moving from the farms to the cities, looking for a new way of life.

This is also the time where the first mall ever was opened. If you need to know more you should visit this here. The first mall was opened in Southfield, Michigan. This was one event that has changed the whole world, with malls now everywhere. No matter where in the developed world you might be, you will find a mall. It is now just bigger and better. During 1954, the ground was prepared for building Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Many things that we are taking for granted these days, was built or created for the first time, in the era of the baby boomers. They went through the first instant camera, some weird UFO claims and even with the build of the first skyscraper. In the end click here to get extra information. Now, we don’t even think about the time before these things. We now has huge skyscrapers and we are doing organ transplant that wasn’t something that they could have done during the baby boomers era.