Why Baby Boomers and Millennials Make Great Teams

There are several things that have been spoke and others written stereotyping both the baby boomers and millennial. But what you have to know about these two is that they usually work together provided that the environment in which they are in is right. In the U.S there are more than sixty six million baby boomers and most of them were supposed to retire in the next 5 to 10 years. Due to the growing interest and the instability of the financial system, baby boomers and millennial have been greatly affected. There are several enterprising organizations that have championed baby boomers and millennial and made them to be great teams and a good example is the Encore. org. Encore boomers enables baby boomers to take the knowledge, skills and also the wisdom that they have learnt for decades.

 At the core of millennial energy is the potential

We are living in a working world but in this world the millennials have not had enough time to learn and know what is not working and what is working. There is ability to work incredibly hard especially when motivated to work hard. They are said to be digital natives because they are able to intuitively understand the technology to be applied. They try to see that the world is becoming a good place to stay and are mindful of the future of their families. In relation to potential, the millennial want mentors who can be able to guide them and tell them of the mistakes that they are making so that they avoid making them. This will make them to progress and increase contribution.

Experience is at the core of Boomer energy

Experience is very important when it comes to why the baby boomers and millennial make great teams. At this baby boomers age, decades have been spent in leaning and this has made their brains to be wired for what is working now. Due to experience, there is intangible wisdom that has come from the decades that have been used in living and also in forming through projects, experiences and relationships.  They look for a way in which they can enhance a direct and also a tangible feel. Another thing is about making the world to be a place where the kids and also the grandkids can enjoy living in.  Last but not least it enables you to know the uneven relationship that exists with technology and also how it works.

Millennial and boomers need to work together because this is the only way in which they can meet their projects.  They focus on their mission because they have the potential and experience required for them to make great teams. At times, Boomers and millennial should each be leading because neither of the two is a boss. We are living in a dynamic world and therefore baby boomer and millennial have to work together because this is the only way in which they can understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

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