Studies on Baby Boomers – Interesting Facts Revealed

Studies on Baby Boomers - Interesting Facts Revealed

Many people don’t know much about the baby boomers generation. We think of them as the older people that are staying in old age homes and that doesn’t know much about the technology that we are using today. But, there are some interesting facts about the baby boomers that you didn’t know about, that might be really interesting.

Not only using the technology

The one thing about baby boomers, is that they don’t just know about the technology that we are using today, but they are also online. You will find many chat sites where baby boomers are registered and chatting with other people.

You might think that with this generation, they will find it hard to use the Internet, but they are really using the Internet and social media websites to stay in touch with friends and family. This is their way to ensure that they don’t feel lonely without having their friends and family close by.

Studies on Baby Boomers - Interesting Facts Revealed

Most are now retired

Since 2011, most of the baby boomers reach the age of 65, and are starting to retire now. It depends on the year that they have been born, but now in 2016, most of them are already retired and enjoying the retired life.  You can also visit our link here for more to know. However, there are some statistics that there are still some of the baby boomers that are not turning 65 soon.

You might not know this, but since 2011 there are about 10,000 baby boomers all over the world that are turning 65.

Spending money more wisely

The baby boomers generation is spending money more wisely that the newer generations. This is because of the time that they were born in. Just after World War II, most US people were struggling and money was something that not every household had.

So, they learned to save up money. And, make sure that they don’t spend money on things that they don’t really need. No, they are not cheap, but the baby boomers make sure that they have money to be able to live after retirement.

They are highly educated

This might come as a surprise to you, but baby boomers are really highly educated. And, most of these baby boomers have at least a college education. If you still need to read more checkout this site here, While more than 69% of baby boomers have higher education than just their high school diploma.

We might think that they didn’t get as much opportunity for higher education as what we have, today. But, in the world that we are living today, we are going more for in-job training than going to a college before we are starting our careers.

There are really some interesting facts about baby boomers and their generation. Things that you might not know about them. For example; you will not realize how much they are using the Internet and the social media sites to stay in touch with their friends and family that are living far away. There are some other interesting facts as well, these were just a couple of the facts that might be interesting to read about the baby boomer generation.